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Certified Partner

Fizz sell through an established partner network, we do of course have direct sales through referrals and recommendations but we have no direct salespeople

We have a enviable range of partners with whom we share trust and commitment to offering meaningful every day savings to every member of our shared community

If this appeals please get in touch, we have partners of all sizes as well as charities and associations

People work better together

Partnership is everything to us – whether you are a client, reseller, strategic alliance, start up, member, customer – we treat everyone the same

We grow purely by referral and recommendation so we live by our reputation

Our community of partners has grown over time to a comprehensive network of organisations that see value in what we do and the value we add to their proposition or customer base

Why not join them and let us welcome you into our community

How to get some Fizz!

We believe in making everything simple and easy. Either contact one of our partners or if you don’t have a relationship with any of them come direct to us on 0203-770-6000 or by completing the contact form. Whichever way you connect with us we will send you a pack which details everything you need to do – there’s not a lot and it’s simple, easy and quick

Once we check everything with you then we will launch your scheme on the date you have pre-selected. We can typically get you live within 7 working days including branding and personalisation

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