A Comprehensive Range of Solutions

Fizz offers a comprehensive range of solutions and services to match your needs today and for the future

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Retail Discounts

We offer over 1200 retail discounts covering approximately 98% of all online spend in the UK

As well as this we have instant discounts on e-vouchers allowing you to save online or in-store

- Also up to 50% off cinema tickets
- Typically 25% off EE phones and tablets

Amazing savings on computing and gaming as well as savings on almost every holiday experience!

We can also help you with your communications - What’s not to like?

Reward and Recognition

Everyone loves a thank you

Fizz offer a range of solutions to enable you to make your members happy

As always we keep it simple and effective

We are quite proud of what we do so please get in touch and let us listen to what you need and see how we may be able to help

We are good listeners!


Fizz offers a platform for you to include your employee or member benefits

Fizz also has access to a wide range of market leading benefits should you require them

Benefits are delivered from within your Discounts solution


Fizz offers a comprehensive range of prepared communications for you to download, amend and use


We love membership organisations as we know how to engage with people and that’s the most important element of a successful relationship

Our experience working with both large and small populations has taught us many lessons on how to get maximum value for minimum effort and cost

Digital Branded MasterCard

How cool to offer your members, employees, clients or customers a digital MasterCard branded as your organisation!

These prepaid digital cards can be used for rewards, incentives, marketing campaigns – whatever you want

Again we keep it simple, one set up fee then its free to load onto your cards, what’s more if your members want a plastic card then they can select this option and receive the branded card instead – a small fee applies to the member

Cash Back Pay Back

We are able to offer solutions whereby all cashback earnings are credited against a members account with you

For example one of our clients members pay an annual maintenance fee, they give their members access to our site so that they can build up cash credits throughout the year. These credits are then allocated against their maintenance fees resulting in a lower amount payable each year. In some instances the whole fee has been covered simply by using our site to buy the things you would buy anyway

Its really simple – we call it Cash Back Pay Back

Workplace Solutions

Most businesses need a variety of support and services in order that they can focus on their core activity in the knowledge that they are protected, advised and in control of all the associated elements of running a business

We have chosen a range of providers who we believe offer excellent services for reasonable rates. We haven't looked for the cheapest deal or special offers to get you to sign up - rather we have focused on services and policies that will deliver long term value and protection

You may have some or all of these things in place in which case please take a look to see if we can offer you more appropriate services. If you haven't then we hope that Fizz Workplace Solutions offers you a simple explanation of what is on offer to support you in order that you can choose the elements that you need

Workplace Solutions

How to get some Fizz!

We believe in making everything simple and easy. Either contact one of our partners or if you don’t have a relationship with any of them come direct to us on 0203-770-6000 or by completing the contact form. Whichever way you connect with us we will send you a pack which details everything you need to do – there’s not a lot and it’s simple, easy and quick

Once we check everything with you then we will launch your scheme on the date you have pre-selected. We can typically get you live within 7 working days including branding and personalisation

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