A New Approach

Fizz helps organisations navigate the world of Benefits, Rewards and Wellbeing by offering an environment where bespoke content can be delivered to the individual to maximise participation and engagement but we do it differently!

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We are Fizz, we are different

Fizz are independent and privately owned. We deliver exceptional services at extremely competitive prices. We are extremely proud of our reputation and client loyalty

Our clients come predominantly from our partner network as well as referrals and recommendation but you can also contract directly with us

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What we do

Fizz helps you present, explain and communicate your unique offering to your employees or members

Fizz deliver an modular range of solutions and bring them together to enable you to build your bespoke solution with enhancements over time to match your strategy and needs

Our modular Solutions

Retail Discounts

Over 1200 discounts, cash back and digital vouchers covering approximately 98% of all online spend resulting in average annual savings of over £400 per member


A comprehensive choice of Reward solutions to meet your needs from spot rewards, loyalty, incentives, nominations as well as long service and seasonal gifts


Fizz can manage your benefits for you or simply integrate your existing schemes within our platform to increase awareness and engagement.

Total Reward Statements

Fizz offer a simple Total Reward Statement to publish per member incorporating you unique elements that make up their total remuneration updated as regularly as you need


Fizz can either offer a comprehensive suite of Wellness offerings or integrate your existing schemes to provide awareness and increased engagement

Branded Mastercard

Fizz can offer branded physical and digital Mastercard solutions to support your employee or member, customer incentives for campaigns or linked to Reward and Discount platforms

Local Offers

Fizz can publish any number of local offers and make them bespoke to defined regions if required. Fizz can also publish bespoke offers based on your geographical needs

Bespoke Communication

Fizz can help you design and deliver bespoke branded campaigns. Maximising engagement in strategic initiatives including both Fizz solutions and your other initiatives

Our Story

Formed in 2012 and with over 600 clients Fizz are the established leading provider of Benefit, Reward and Wellbeing solutions covering all sizes of organisations

Initially focussed on Retail Discounts we have matured into a provider of a wide range of solutions to organisations of all sizes and sectors from Micro-SME to Large Corporates

Fizz is a technology focused business and as such our platforms are designed to deliver bespoke content covering an almost unlimited range of content, simplifying the journey and delivering bespoke content to maximise engagement

Why Fizz?

At Fizz we really do care and we listen. You are our focus and as such we work with you to understand your needs and create an environment that will help achieve your wider objectives around Benefits, Reward and Wellbeing

All of our solutions are designed to be quickly and easily configured to deliver a bespoke experience in order that you can keep your offerings fresh and current

The most engaging schemes are those that deliver bespoke content at the right level of detail and at the right time

That’s what we do

What our clients say

Fizz were a natural choice, they listened to what we wanted to achieve and went above and beyond to deliver a great solution. The best part is that we can easily and quickly change and add content Manufacturing client
The best way to describe Fizz is its like a Library, we decide on the bookcases, Discounts, Rewards, Local Offers etc and they add the books - so in the case of Benefits we have a page for each benefit that then links to our Flexible Benefits scheme. Some benefits lie outside of this so we link direct to the provider or our HR portal. A great solution Offshore contractor recruitment
So simple to use and such a great team to work with, Fizz really helped us maximise engagement in our existing range of Benefits and Rewards as well as the great everyday savings to be made from cash back and digital vouchers, great service and great value, thank Fizz! Creative marketing company

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