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Fizz are a specialist provider of discount and reward solutions to businesses and membership organisations. We pride ourselves on being flexible, not only in what we provide members but also in our working approach.

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  • Discounts

    With offers at over 1400of the UK’s leading retailers, we know substantial savings are achievable.
    Savings can be made on everything from supermarkets to coffeeshops, technology and home furniture, plus so much more!

    Digital Vouchers for instant savings

    Our digital vouchers are there to enhance your saving experience. No time waiting at pending, vouchers are typically delivered within 90 seconds! Some of our top selling vouchers include Amazon, Tesco, Asda and Apple.

    Exclusive Discounts

    Exclusive discounts are exactly that, instant savings exclusively for our members only. We have grown our exclusive offers over the last year to now provide almost 100 exclusive discounts just for our members.
    Shop directly with the retailer using a discount code or link and save instantly.

    Over 1400 Cashback Retailers

    We have thousands of offers across 98% of all online spending in the UK. Our offers update hourly which means it’s best to act fast if you see an offer you like. Some of our most popular cashback retailers include: eBay, Curry’s, TUI, Booking.com, AO.com and Expedia.

  • Rewards

    Give the gift of choice with one simple platform that allows your recipients to choose the retailer they want. Fizz Rewards helps you reward your employees and members while also simplifying your companies reward process. You can also customize your reward with designed cards, emails and messages.

    With our unique platform we work with over 90 digital reward retailers including the likes of Amazon, Apple, John Lewis and all the major Supermarkets, giving your employees the ultimate in choice.

    Individual – We can deliver individual rewards using our unique digital platform

    Nomination – Encourage your employees to nominate others they think are deserving with our purpose built nomination forms

    Bulk – Order rewards in bulk. Perfect for company Christmas gifting

    Sales Channel – We can help you reward customers who sign up for certain deals

    Fizz Reward Platform – We issue a unique code with a value attached to be spent on your branded rewards platform

    Digital Card or Email – The unique code can be sent on a digital card or via email. Alternatively it can be delivered to the Manager who can deliver the reward themselves

    Basket Approach – The rewards platform has a basket approach. This means the recipient can split their reward into multiple vouchers if they wish

  • Levelling up your Lifestyle

    We understand there has been a huge focus on healthy lifestyles, boosting morale and ensuring that people are given access to the best possible support. That is why we offer access to some incredible lifestyle boosters such as cinema discounts, home health testing, Fizz Travel Club and gym membership offers.

    We understand that the cost-of living crisis is having a massive impact on people’s lifestyle and the things they enjoy doing most. By providing a solution that allows people to save money on those things, it alleviates that pressure. Even with the tightened belts, you can still enjoy doing the things that make life easier, happier and healthier, simply by shopping through our savings platform.

  • "Helping everyone save money every day"

    Saving money doesn't have to be a chore! With just a few simple steps, you can start seeing the savings add up. Together, we can make sure that your money stays right where it belongs: with you!
    Jason Taylor CEO